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Looking For Houseboat Hire On The Clyde River?

There is but one choice for houseboat hire on the Clyde River – Bay River Houseboats. Guests continue to prefer the luxurious accommodation of Bay River Houseboats. With a fleet of gorgeous vessels, boats cruise along the scenic Clyde River all year-round. Boats are available 365 days each year so that you can enjoy the peace and tranquillity of the river at any time of year.

When considering houseboat hire on the Clyde River, many choose Bay River Houseboats because of the lush accommodation. There are several different choices, but the bottom line is that guests are able to escape the fast pace of their everyday lives on a boat that offers every convenience of home. Guests will find a fully equipped kitchen – full-size oven, range, refrigerator, freezer, etc. – a lounge area with colour television, DVD, and iPod capabilities, and sleeping accommodation for up to 10 people. It feels like home but aboard your own little island paradise.

Choosing houseboat hire on the Clyde River from Bay River Houseboats will allow you to experience the beauty of the Clyde River. Swim, fish, or take part in a number of recreational activities such as jet ski or water skiing. Guests can also take hikes through the surrounding wilderness. The Clyde River is surrounded by a national park and state forests. For those who just enjoy being away from their everyday lives and want to do nothing, they can sit on the deck and enjoy nature’s beauty.

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