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What Are You Waiting For? Clyde River Houseboat Hire Booking Fast

Bay River Houseboats offers guests cruises on the beautiful Clyde River 365 days each year. Book your day trip, fishing trip, or week-long holiday with Clyde River houseboat hire by Bay River Houseboats. The river is surrounded by a national park and state forests and provides its guests with a breathtaking backdrop as well as a variety of activities.

Clyde River houseboat hire from Bay River Houseboats provides everything a group might need while travelling to ensure a memorable experience. The houseboats are equipped with all of the modern conveniences such as full kitchen, dining room, colour television, DVD, iPod compatible stereo, full-size shower and toilet, and much more. There is enough sleeping area to accommodate up to 10 people very comfortably.

With spacious and luxurious accommodation, guests can sit back and relax and take part in a variety of activities. There is, of course, swimming, fishing, water skiing, and jet skiing available. You can always drop anchor at the port of Nelligen and take a walk through the historic town enjoying the shops and restaurants. You can also hit the trails through the wilderness before getting back on the boat. There is plenty to do or not do if you choose.

Clyde River houseboat hire at Bay River Houseboats provides an affordable, relaxing journey on the river that can allow you to escape the fast pace of everyday life. Book your one-day trip or a full week holiday today by visiting You can also call 0410 512 523 for more information.



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