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The Best Of Clyde River Boat Hire

Bay River Houseboats is among the best of Clyde River boat hire providing its guests with a number of houseboats and other boats to ensure they have a wonderful time out on the river. Houseboats and fishing boats cruise the beautiful waters of the Clyde River each and every day. Operating 365 days each year ensures that guests are able to book an excursion on the river at any time of year.

A holiday aboard a Bay River Houseboats vessel is unlike the typical holiday. You can navigate the 38 kilometres of the Clyde River and enjoy it all. Jump in and swim or bring your gear along and fish. If you would like to fish but don’t have the equipment, you can borrow it from Bay River Houseboats. You will be supplied with rods, bait, tackle, and even ice to bring back your catch. With miles of state forests surrounding the river, you can get out and hike through the wilderness. Anchor at the port of Nelligen and walk through the historic town stopping in all of the unique shops and restaurants.

There is plenty to do when you choose Clyde River boat hire at Bay River Houseboats. There is also plenty not to do if you so choose. Just getting away from the city and your everyday life and relaxing on a beautiful houseboat on the river can be enough entertainment.

For more information about Clyde River boat hire, visit online. You can book your holiday online or you can call 0410 512 253 and speak to a representative directly.



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